ACRE Zambia was incorporated in 2022 to ensure the penetration of agricultural insurance as a risk mitigation solution among farmers in Zambia. ACRE Zambia exists to provide insurance solutions that enable smallholder farmers in Zambia to access and benefit from affordable insurance products that mitigate their risks and unlock access to agricultural credit. The ACRE Zambia works with farmers, cooperatives, aggregators, national government, developmental organizations, and other key stakeholders in the agri-insurance ecosystem.

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  • De-risking Agriculture Lending using digital tools to credit score farmers.
  • Innovative Insurance Solutions for Sustainability.
  • Market Expansion and Product Diversification.


  • Regulator and Stakeholder Training in Zambia.
  • Expanded support to additional underwriters in Zambia.
  • Partnered with Pension and Insurance Authority (PIA) & Zep Re in collaboration with International.
  • Finance Corporation (IFC) as the technical service provider for its inclusive insurance project in
  • Farmers reach, over 270,000.
  • Conducted a successful Insurance Payout Ceremony: In partnership with Synergy Seeds, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Mayfair Insurance, UN World Food Programme WFP, and the Ministry of Agriculture, we celebrated farmers in Mumbwa District during this week’s payout ceremony.
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