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USSD Survey for Measuring Farmer Time Preferences

In order to learn about agriculture and the time preferences of households in Kenya, Acre Africa is conducting a short survey partnering with Wageningen University (Netherlands). As a part of our study, we are interested in measuring the preferences of farmers when it comes to either receiving money in the short term or in the longer term. We are interested in measuring this during the Short Rains season of 2023. You are eligible to participate in the study if you are one of the farmers that have been invited to this survey by the researchers and if the phone number that is used to complete the survey has an M-Pesa account. You can only participate in the survey once per invitation.

During the survey, you will be asked a number of questions related to either receiving money in the short term or in the longer term. After completing the survey successfully, ONE of these questions is picked. Based on your answer to this particular question, the researchers will pay you the stated amount in the stated time period. This payment will be made to the M-Pesa account that is linked to the phone number that was used to complete the survey.

This payment will only be made to the phone numbers that were registered by the researchers to be invited to the survey. Multiple responses per invitation are not accepted, a payment will be made based on only the first successful response. Responses made after the time-window of participation (up to 7 days after receiving an invitation) may not receive a payout.

There will be no risk or cost from participating in the survey. Your participation is completely voluntary. You are free to withdraw from this survey at any time. Your data will be stored securely. Data on your answers to the survey questions will be strictly confidential and only be available to the researchers at Wageningen University and Acre Africa. This data will not be used to identify you.

If you have any questions regarding this study, or concerns or complaints we welcome you to contact Kennedy Busienei from Acre Africa at +254 720131066 or Mobi van der Linden from Wageningen University at mobi.vanderlinden@wur.nl.

By continuing to participate in the survey, you agree to the abovementioned terms and