ACRE Tanzania Insurance Agency Limited (ACRE Tanzania) is a registered agent focusing on the development and distribution of agricultural micro-insurance products for the benefit of a growing number of smallholder farmers. ACRE Tanzania formal business activities commenced in 2015 and are supported by a seasoned team of experts with a wide range of experience in Agri-Insurance, product pricing, product and business development, agronomy, insurance training & capacity building, public and private sector resource mobilization.

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ACRE Africa entry into Tanzania was guided by a comprehensive multi-value assessment conducted in 2013/2014 with the support of Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF). The findings from the market survey guided ACRE in implementing commercially viable agricultural insurance products with private sector agribusinesses and financial institutions that work with smallholder farmers. Full report findings are available

As a result, commercially viable products were shortlisted, and an entry strategy formulated for the country. Following the country scoping/feasibility study, ACRE Africa was commissioned by Swiss Capacity Building Facility (SCBF) to introduce Agricultural Insurance and Financial Education to smallholder farmers in Northern (Arusha) and Southern Tanzania (Iringa)

Advisory Services

Based on the team’s experience in Insurance Trainings, Weather Advisories, Value Chain Assessments, Actuarial Analysis, Micro insurance Design, and Reinsurance & Underwriting, we can offer a wide range of training services in Financial Education. Multiple approaches are taken either direct or indirect. The direct approach involves in-person trainings at cooperatives and farmer groups such as MVIWATA (A national farmers organization which brings together small holder farmers from all regions of Tanzania), while the indirect approach involves workshops to train TOTs of stakeholders, audio and SMS messaging.

The trainings target farmers, policy makers, implementing partners, input companies, aggregators, and other stakeholders vital in the agricultural insurance value chain in Tanzania.


ACRE Africa maintains a controlling interest in ACRE Tanzania leveraging on the strengths of an in-country team for client engagement and the support of headquarter expertise for operations. This model is based on ACRE Africa’s new country engagement strategy that involves the generation of business and client traction using a precise in-country team before the business can support a large in-country presence.

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