Permanent Total Disability Cover


The Basics

In agricultural insurance, the Permanent Total Disability Cover (PTD Cover) is an extension of some policies that provide financial support to the policyholder if they become permanently disabled due to an accident or illness. It’s important to note that PTD Cover is not typically a standalone product, but rather an add-on or rider to a broader agricultural insurance policy, such as life insurance or loan protection.

Here’s a breakdown of PTD coverage in the context of agricultural insurance:

What it Covers:

PTD Cover kicks in if the policyholder suffers an accident or illness that leaves them permanently disabled. This means they cannot perform the essential duties required to run their farm or earn a living wage in agriculture.


If the policyholder meets the definition of permanent and total disability, PTD Cover provides a payout. This financial assistance can help cover living expenses, and medical bills, or maintain farm operations by hiring help.


  • The definition of “permanent and total disability” can vary slightly from policy to policy. Some may require a complete inability to perform any work, while others might allow for some level of work outside of agriculture.
  • The payout amount and duration of coverage can also vary depending on the specific policy.
The Benefits

Why You Should Consider It.

  • PTD Cover offers financial security for farmers in case of unexpected disability.
  • It can help ensure the farm continues to operate and support the family even if the primary income earner is unable to work.

Things to Consider:

  • PTD Cover may come with additional premiums added to the base policy cost.
  • Carefully review the policy wording to understand the specific definition of permanent and total disability, exclusions, and payout details.
Here’s an example:

Imagine a farmer injuring their back in a tractor accident, leaving them unable to perform the physical tasks required to run their farm. If they have PTD coverage as part of their agricultural policy, they would receive a payout to help cover their expenses and potentially hire extra help to keep the farm running while they recover (or permanently if their disability is classified as total).

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