Funeral Cover


The Basics

Funeral Cover, also known as burial insurance, is designed to help cover the costs associated with funerals and end-of-life arrangements. It eases the financial worries for your family during a time of grief.

How It Works:

Choose Your Coverage: Select the payout amount you want (this determines your premiums).

Pay Premiums: You pay a regular premium, usually monthly, to keep the policy active.

In Case of Death: When the policyholder passes away, the designated beneficiary receives the payout.

What It Covers:

Funeral expenses: Cost of casket, burial or cremation, memorial service, transportation of the deceased.

Additional costs: May include flowers, headstones, catering, or other end-of-life arrangements.

The Benefits

Why You Should Consider It.

Spare Your Loved Ones: Prevents your family from having to pay out-of-pocket during an emotional time.

Honour Your Wishes: Ensures enough money is available for the type of send-off you desire.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your end-of-life expenses are taken care of.

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