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The Service is a seed replanting guarantee service that aims to provide an alternative solution to frequent poor rains at the start of the rainy season. It provides added value to good quality seed by providing a refund of the value of the seed via M-Pesa in the event there are no rains twenty one (21) days after planting the seed.

  1. The guarantee is against crop germination failure caused by drought. Any other contributing events such as poor farm management or seed related problems causing poor germination are NOT covered.
  2. The guarantee is only available during the planting period- twice a year.
  3. The purchase of seed does not automatically register the farmer as a user of the Service. To utilize the Service you are required to purchase Agri SeedCo maize seed and – activate the service by sending the unique code found on the card inside your bag of seeds once you are at the farm and are about to plant. Rainfall will be measured by a satellite of the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration which produces the Africa Rainfall Climatology product. The satellite data is publicly available through: www. The measurements are made in a 10 by 10 km grid and will be the only factor to determine if there was a germination failure as a result of drought.
  4. Please activate your seed replanting guarantee by sending the unique code found on the card inside your bag of seeds once you are on your farm and about to plant. The point from where you send the valid code will be assumed to be your farm location. The insurance cover will only be considered after you have received a USSD notification for successful registration.
  5. If you have not received the notification 10 seconds after submitting the code, please redial the code and submit the code again. Else call 0719 249 615


  1. The Service is available to agricultural farmers in Kenya who have purchased Agri Seed Co maize seed packets with the enclosed card.
  2. The Service is available to both post and prepaid subscribers on Safaricom’s network.
  3. The Service is not available when a Safaricom subscriber is out of the country or on Safaricom’s roaming service.
  4. The Service does not require a subscriber to have airtime.
  5. The service is not available in all regions and if a subscriber is outside the covered region, he/she will be notified upon dialing the service that s/he is not eligible to the service
  1. At the farm when you are ready to plant, open the seed packet and remove the card.
  2. To activate the Service, dial a USSD code (*800#) indicated on card, Enter the code and click on send.You will receive a USSD confirming successful activation.
  • This is a pull service and is only available once you activate by sending the valid unique codes to *800#
  1. All USSD interactions are free both to and from *800#
  2. All SMS responses from 20510 to you will be free, All sms to 20510 will be charged at 2/=
  1. By activating the Service by dialling the USSD and code from a green card you give consent to Safaricom to disclose your confidential location based information to ACRE Africa and its third part partners for determination of issuance of insurance, premium calculation & communication which is the only factor to facilitate in crop monitoring for the purpose of determining losses.
  2. By activating the service, you give consent to ACRE Africa to use your number for future promotions of agriculture insurance products and trainings
  1. ACRE Africa reserves the right to vary or amend any feature of the Service or to amend these terms and conditions at any time. Such changes shall be advertised on ACRE Africa terms and conditions page and may be published in the local press. Such changes may not affect any Service you have requested prior to the effective date of the changes.
  2. The standard terms and conditions for the Safaricom Pre Pay and Post-pay services will apply to the Service unless expressly varied by these terms and conditions.