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ACRE Africa has developed, tested and refined a diverse portfolio of agricultural insurance products to match farmers’ widely varying access to inputs, credit, aggregators and contracts. We work primarily through aggregators along the agricultural value chain and develop agricultural insurance products to address a range of relevant risks.

The agricultural insurance products we have developed allow financial institutions, agribusinesses, cooperatives, input companies, NGOs, and farmers to mitigate a range of agricultural risks. Through aggregators, ACRE Africa serves a wide range of crop and dairy farmers, from smallholders with quarter of an acre to large-scale farmers with 1000 acres or more.

Product Categories

Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI)

Product designed from vegetation imagery, to measure the level and density of pasture available to livestock.


Soil Moisture Index (SMI)

The indemnity for this cover is based on realizations of the soil moisture measured over a pre-specified period using satellites.


Picture-Based Insurance (PBI)

This is a complimentary product for the weather index-based solution which incorporates the use of farmer-issued smartphone photos, satellite imagery, weather station data, agronomic records, and online data archives to provide a robust insurance and advisory product. 


Distribution Channels

Do you lend to agriculture and want to reduce loan defaults linked to the weather or accidental dairy cow deaths? ACRE Africa has designed insurance products and services specifically for you to mitigate these risks and improve the performance of your loan portfolio.


ACRE Africa has developed insurance products specifically for financial institutions to mitigate risks associated with agricultural production and to improve loan portfolio performance.  Insurance not only allows you to decrease loan defaults but it can increase your clients productivity by enabling access to credit and de-risking investments in certified inputs. More productive farming can lead to high incomes and more confidence to borrow and invest in farming.

We offer two types of insurance covers for agricultural lending:


 1) Our Agricultural Loan Cover insures the financial institution agricultural loans. Since access to affordable agricultural credit at the start of the season is essential for farmers to purchase improved seed, fertilizer, crop protection and other production inputs, agricultural insurance and financial products form a natural partnership. This bundling protects credit institutions against widespread default from large scale severe weather events that directly affects farmers ability to repay loans and that cause a negative ripple effect in agri-value chains. The premium payment is pre-financed by the financial institution; the borrowing client pays it back as part of the loan installments. The agricultural loan cover was initially launched in 2010. This cover supports aggregator clients to insure over 200,000 farmers in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.


2) Our Lending Institution Portfolio Cover insures the value of the entire financial institutions agricultural portfolio against non-repayment from weather-related events. It covers loans to farmers and operators like processors, agri-transporters and traders in the agri-value chain. Key benefits for financial institutions include reduced losses due to default, reduced provisions for bad debts, increased lending and re-enforced risk management.


Are you an agribusiness contracting farmers to produce seed or crops of consistent quality and quantity? Bad weather can affect farmers’ ability to deliver the produce you need and repay the value of the input provided at planting and of resources provided at critical crop stages. Help your company and your growers mitigate these weather-related risks through Acre Africa insurance covers tailored to your specific needs.

As a contracting agribusiness, you may be extending inputs on credit to the farmers growing for you. To protect both this loan and the expected value of the contracted crop, you can flexibly insure the initial input investment, full production costs, or the projected harvest value. Premiums are paid to the local insurance company at the start of the season and can then be deducted from the payments to farmers for the delivered harvest. In addition, Contract Seed and Outgrower Insurance can be bundled into any existing loan repayment system growers have with processors and exporters of agricultural products.

By adding the insurance cover for your contracted growers, you are increasing their farm investment confidence in good and poor seasons, enabling consistent quality and quantities. This will increase the chances of reaching production goals and strengthen their loyalty to your company.

Are you a quality input company selling seed or fertilizer in a competitive market where farmers have several product choices? Would you like to differentiate your product from the competition? Acre Africa has developed the Replanting Guarantee, an innovative insurance product using mobile technology. The Replanting Guarantee works within your existing distribution network to compensate farmers quickly in the event of early-season drought. This enables them to purchase more of your inputs and replant to get a good harvest.



The Replanting Guarantee protects farmers against drought at the germination phase of crop development. As farmers purchase quality seed or fertilizer, they register for the insurance pre-financed by the input company. Each farmer finds a card with a unique code in the bag. The card shows in simple steps how to register on the mobile platform location and planting date are obtained through registration and the cover period begins. If drought affects the crop, the farmer can either receive a mobile money transfer or a discount on the next seed or fertilizer purchase.



ACRE Africa can also tailor insurance products using this distribution method beyond the germination stage. In addition to adding value to differentiate your products, the Replanting Guarantee method can also help track distribution of your products, identify the location of end users, forecast stocking needs and show your clients that the product they have bought is the genuine article.

Download the Replanting Guarantee Guide here

Are you involved in the dairy value chain, either as a cooperative, processor, or with a large herd of dairy cattle as the foundation of your business? The Acre Africa Dairy Insurance Cover is intended for farmers and institutions dealing with higher-yielding cows. Members of cooperatives, farmers receiving a loan to purchase a single cow, or those wanting to protect a larger live -stock investment against accidental death all stand to benefit.

Quality dairy cows are a considerable investment for both small and large-scale farmers. The sudden death of a cow can have huge impacts on a family’s livelihood. The ACRE Africa Dairy Insurance Cover helps farmers recover through financial compensation to purchase a new cow. This cover is taken up by dairy cooperatives and financial institutions for their clients, and by individuals with large herds.

The Dairy Insurance product covers some causes of death at 80% of the insured cows resale value. The product covers accidental diseases and incidences, including:, diseases vaccinated against  in the past 12 months, fire (accidental), lightning, explosion or resulting smoke, snakes or venomous insect bites, fatal injuries from falls, broken bones, fatal reaction to vaccine (within 1 day of vaccine), storm,  earthquake, flood, landslide, influence of electricity and plant/frog poisoning.


Other causes of death are compensated at 50% of the cows insured value. These include manageable diseases and incidence; tick-borne diseases (Anaplasmosis, Tick Fever, Babesiosis, Heart Water, ECF-not vaccinated), Septicaemia, Mastitis, Milk Fever, Rabies, Pneumonia, bloat and calving complications.


The cover excludes compensation for theft/mysterious disappearance/cattle rustling, intentional harm (by owner or others), malnutrition, cancer, sunstroke or heat stroke, ingestion of metal/foreign objects, injuries during transport in a vehicle, feed poisoning, pre-existing conditions identified at tagging, all causes of deaths not listed.

  ACRE Africa also offers an Embryo Transfer Cover and a Large-Scale Dairy Farmer Cover.