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Soil Moisture Index (SMI)

The indemnity for this cover is based on realizations of the soil moisture measured over a pre-specified period using satellites. The insurance is structured to protect against index (soil moisture content) deviations that are expected to cause crop losses.

Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI)

Product designed from vegetation imagery, to measure the level and density of pasture available to livestock. The index measures the deviation of forage availability from set triggers and generates payouts to compensate the pastoral communities.

Picture-Based Insurance

This is a complimentary product for the weather index-based solution which incorporates the use of farmer-issued smartphone photos, satellite imagery, weather station data, agronomic records, and online data archives to provide a robust insurance and advisory product. 

Weather Index Cover

The core ACRE Africa product uses weather data to approximate the on-farm experience. Unlike traditional agricultural insurance, which relies on expensive field visits to assess losses, ACRE Africa uses daily rainfall data monitored by satellites or automated weather stations. 

Thanks to carefully correlated indices and tailored levels of coverage, the products are affordable for many small farmers. Our clients can, for example, select to cover certain growing phases, the whole season or a particular severity of losses.

Hybrid Index and Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) Cover

This combined insurance product enables clients to insure their crop against risks beyond their control, including drought, storms, pests, and diseases.

The hybrid Index and MPCI covers the germination phase of the crop cycle, excluded in traditional, indemnity-based MPCI covers.

With the addition of the weather index cover, the hybrid cover offers more comprehensive coverage of the crop from planting to harvest.

Livestock Cover

ACRE Africa offers an indemnity product for dairy cows that insures against death from accidents and selected diseases.

A gestation cover is also available specifically for calving cows. It covers the animal from risks associated with pregnancy losses such as abortion, still birth, fetal mummification or induced causes of abortion on healthy grounds.

This protects the farmers from losses occasioned by pregnancy losses.