Our Products: Picture Based Insurance (PBI)

ACRE Africa’s PBI proposed product will be used to provide monitoring, assessment and quantification of insurance losses during a crop season. The objective of this product is to provide a remote based monitoring and assessment of covers for our yield based insurance products. The concept of picture based index insurance was developed by Dr. Berber Kramer of International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). The product has been piloted in India with huge success in estimation of losses and reduction of administration costs.

The product involves a self-reporting system for a farmer which is available on any smartphone as a mobile application. Farmers are required to take multiple images of a specific area of their field during the season. Images are taken, before planting, during planting, at post emergence, mid-season, pre harvest and post-harvest with a focus on a landmark as a background of the farm. A team of specialized agronomist are then required to access the multiple images and determine the level of loss. After several seasons, the product will use Artificial intelligence to automatically determine crop health and crop status. This will inform the claims process.

Partnerships Involved

The partners involved in the Product are IFPRI and Wageningen University as Research Partners for ACRE, KALRO, Kenya Seed, and Kenya Highland Seed as distribution partners of the ACRE Product. On the Insurance side, ACRE is partnering with APA and Africa Re.

The picture based insurance product is key in providing a new approach in reducing the cost of administration that makes our Yield based products expensive. A remote based monitoring of yields will reduce the cost of sending inspectors to the field to monitor and asses the products. A successful implementation of the product means that our yield based products are affordable by all farmers.