Mortality Cover Insurance


The Basics

Think of Mortality Cover Insurance as traditional insurance for your livestock. It covers losses due to unexpected events that cause the death of your insured animals.

How it Works:

Covered Risks: Your policy will list specific things that are covered, such as accidents, certain diseases, extreme weather events (like lightning), or theft.

Choosing Animals: You may insure your entire herd or select particularly valuable animals for individual coverage.

Making a Claim: If a covered event causes the death of an insured animal, you file a claim with the insurance company. A veterinarian might be needed to verify the cause of death.

The Benefits

Why it's great for Livestock Herders

Individual Protection: Covers losses when specific animals die unexpectedly, providing direct financial help.

Focus on High-Value Animals: Good for protecting your investment in particularly expensive or important breeding stock.

Important Notes:
  • Premiums for Mortality Cover Insurance are often higher than index-based options since they involve individual animal assessments.
  • Be sure to read your policy carefully! There might be exclusions for certain diseases or pre-existing conditions.
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