Index Based Livestock Insurance


The Basics

Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) protects livestock herders when conditions for their animals become too harsh. Unlike traditional insurance focusing on individual animal deaths, IBLI focuses on the health of the grazing lands.

How it Works:

Tracking the Land: Satellites measure the level and density of pasture available to livestock. This helps experts understand the actual amount of food available.

The Index: Experts compare this pasture data to historical averages and set triggers. If the forage availability falls drastically below these triggers, it signals a potential crisis for livestock.

Your Coverage: You choose a coverage level that reflects the point where your livestock would be in danger.

Getting Paid: If the grazing conditions fall below your chosen trigger, you receive a payout. This cash helps you buy feed, and water, or move your animals to better grazing, even before they die.

The Benefits

Why it's great for Livestock Herders

Proactive Protection: Payments arrive before animals are lost, preserving your livelihood.

Fair and Transparent: Everyone in the area with the same plan is treated equally, as it’s based on the health of the land.

Affordable: Because it avoids individual livestock assessments, it’s accessible to smaller herders.

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