Herd Cover Insurance


The Basics

Simplify your insurance, and protect your whole herd. With Herd Cover Insurance, you get a single policy that safeguards your livestock from a wide range of risks, like disease outbreaks, weather disasters, or theft. Herd Cover Insurance provides a simplified way to insure your entire livestock herd under one policy. This means protection against losses across the herd due to covered events.

How it Works:

Eligible Animals: The policy will specify the types of animals covered (cattle, goats, etc.) and may have age or breed restrictions.

Covered Risks: Typically include things like disease outbreaks, extreme weather events, accidents, or theft affecting the wider herd.

Payment Structure: Payouts may be based on a per-animal value or may provide a lump sum if a certain percentage of your herd is lost.

The Benefits

Why it's great for farmers.

Simplified Coverage: One policy to protect your entire herd, saving you the hassle of managing individual animal insurance.

Broad Protection: This can protect against a wider range of risks than individual animal mortality insurance.

Potential Cost Savings: May be cheaper than insuring animals individually, especially for larger herds.

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