Fodder Insurance Cover


The Basics

Fodder cover insurance protects livestock farmers against losses caused by reduced feed availability. It’s designed for situations where drought, floods, or other events damage pastures or crops grown for animal feed (like hay).

How it Works (Two Main Types):


  • Similar to weather index insurance. Payouts are triggered when weather conditions (usually rainfall) fall outside of normal ranges in your area.
  • This type offers simpler claims, as it doesn’t require individual assessment of your fodder losses.

Traditional Yield-Based:

  • Focuses on the actual production of your fodder crops. If your yield falls below a certain level, you receive compensation.
  • Requires field assessments to verify your losses.
The Benefits

Why it's great for farmers.

Protects Against Feed Shortages: This helps you cover the costs of buying replacement feed if your supply is damaged or reduced.

Safeguards Your Livestock: Ensures you can afford to feed your animals even when facing unexpected fodder shortages.

Supports Long-Term Stability: Reduces the risk of having to sell off livestock prematurely due to a lack of feed.

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