We answer your questions about livestock insurance below:

  1. I am interested in livestock insurance. What next? Please get in touch with us through Phone Number:               0719 249 615     Email:  enquiries@acreafrica.com  Find us on Facebook: ACRE Africa

We will contact you within 48 hours to get your details. We will need to know where you are located, how many animals you have, their estimated value etc.

  1. How much is the premium? We offer a competitive market rate at 3.5%. For example, if your cow is valued at KES 100,000, you will pay a premium of KES 3,500.
  1. What is the minimum and maximum age of the livestock to be covered? We insure cattle between the following ages:
  • More than 3 months
  • Less than 10 years
  1. What is covered? The following risks are covered:
  • Diseases of a terminal nature
  • Internal or external injuries
  • Epidemics cutting across a wide area
  • Electroctuion
  • Plant/frog poisoning
  • Calving complications
  • Theft
  • Slaughter upon recommendation by a veterinary doctor and certification by insurer
  • Note: Insurer will compensate up to 75% of sum insured for losses due to nutrient imbalance such as milk fever, downers syndrome, hardware conditions, (such as ingestion of metallic objects) and tick borne diseases
  1. What is not covered?
  • Mysterious disappearances
  • Cattle rustling
  • Intentional harm (by owner or others)
  • Malnutrition
  • Harm from objects falling from an aircraft
  • Sunstroke or heat stroke
  • Injuries during transport in a vehicle
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Culling
  • Livestock shows and exhibitions lasting more than one day
  • Any mortality due to disease within the first 21 days
  • Cattle under 3 months and over 10 years of age
  1. Where is ACRE Africa located? Can I get insurance if I am in any part of the country? Yes you can. We will send you the paperwork and you can pay via mobile money. Additionally, if something happens to your cow, the payout can be sent to you via mobile money.
  1. What do I do if my animal dies? If there is an accident, and your cow is injured, notify ACRE Africa within 24 hours. If an animal dies, notify ACRE Africa within 12 hours.
  1. How much will I be paid by the insurance in case of a loss?
  • There is a 10% deductible on every loss. You will be paid 90% of the value of the animal.
  • There is a 25% deductible on every loss caused by nutrient imbalances such as milk fever, downer’s syndrome, hard ware conditions (such as ingestion of metallic objects) and tick borne diseases. You will be paid 75% of the value of the animal in the event that death is caused by nutritional imbalances.
  1. What is a deductible? A deductible is the small amount that is the customer’s portion of the financial responsibility that forms part of the insurance contract.
  1. I am interested in the package. What is the process of insurance?
  • A qualified veterinarian doctor will evaluate the health status of your animal and value it. The veterinarian doctor will then register your animal into the ACRE Afria system
  • You will then pay the agreed premium
  • The veterinarian will then tag your animal to identify it with a unique tag
  • You will be issued a policy document within one week
  1. Who will take care of the veterinary doctor’s cost? The farmer or the owner will cover the cost of the veterinary doctor during evaluation and any other time the animal may fall sick.
  1. Now that I am insured, what next?
  • In case anything happens, an accident, your animal falls sick animal, inform ACRE Africa within 24 hours. A helpline number will be provided.
  • In case your animal dies, inform ACRE Africa within 12 hours
  • A registered veterinary surgeon shall conduct a postmortem and submit the report and other claim documents to ACRE Africa
  • The insurance company will then process the payable claims within 7-14 days upon submission of the documents.
  1. Who will pay the vet who conducts a postmortem? The owner of the livestock will pay the veterinary doctor.
  1. What are the conditions of the cover?
  • The owner will vaccinate against all common diseases and keep good records
  • The owner will do regular tick and worm control on a regular basis
  • The owner will provide security to the animals at all times
  • The owner will provide health certificates, valuations, medical & postmortem reports done by a qualified veterinarian registered under KVB (Kenya Veterinary Board) or Kenya Veterinary Assocation (KVA)
  • The owner will observe proper hygiene and management pratices
  • The owner will provide access to your promises where the animals are kept to the authorized veterinary doctors or insurance company personnel
  1. If I sell my animal, is the insurance transferrable? No, insurance is not transferable from one owner to another.

- ACRE Africa