Weather Index Insurance


The Basics

Think of Weather Index Insurance like a shield for your crops against bad weather. Unlike traditional insurance that focuses on individual crop damage, this type looks at weather patterns in your area. If there’s a drought, excessive rain, or other weather events that can hurt crops, you get a payout.

How it Works:

Weather Data: ACRE Africa uses advanced technology like satellites and weather stations to track daily rainfall in your specific region. This data helps approximate what your crops are actually experiencing on your farm.

The Index: Our experts compare this data to historical averages to determine what’s “normal”.

Your Plan: You choose what type of weather risk (too much rain, not enough, etc.) worries you most. You can also tailor coverage to specific growing phases or even the severity of losses. Payouts are triggered when the weather falls outside the “normal” range.

Getting Paid: Because ACRE Africa avoids expensive field visits, these plans are affordable for small farmers. Plus, since everything is based on weather data, if conditions trigger a payout, you receive payment quickly and automatically.

The Benefits

Why it's great for farmers.

Simple: No complicated assessments of individual crops.

Fair: Everyone in the area with the same plan is treated equally.

Fast: Payments are made quickly, so you can recover and get back to farming.

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