Soil Moisture Index


The Basics

Soil Moisture Index Insurance focuses on the water content in the soil where your crops grow. If it gets too dry (or sometimes, too wet), you receive a payout – even if your plants haven’t suffered damage yet.

How it Works:

Sensors and Satellites: Experts use satellites and in-field sensors to track the moisture level in the soil across your region.

Setting Thresholds: The insurance policy will have a pre-set range of “normal” soil moisture. Payouts are triggered when the moisture levels fall outside of this range.

Payment When it Matters: If the soil moisture reaches a level that signals potential crop stress (too high or too low), you receive a payout.

The Benefits

Why it's great for farmers.

Early Intervention: Payouts arrive before crops suffer damage, letting you take action to reduce losses.

Focus on the Root Cause: Directly addresses the key factor for crop health—water availability.

Simple and Fair: Since it’s not based on individual crops, everyone with the same policy in the area is treated equally.

Think of it this way: Soil Moisture Index Insurance is like an early warning system for your crops. It gives you both financial support and the heads-up needed to try and lessen the impact of harsh weather conditions.

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