Area Yield Index Insurance


The Basics

Area Yield Index Insurance focuses on crop losses across an entire region, rather than individual farms. It offers protection if the average yield in your area falls below a certain level due to weather events like droughts or floods.

How it Works:

Regional Data: Experts collect harvest data from farms throughout your region over many years to establish the average yield.

Your Plan: You choose a coverage level. This is a percentage of the average yield. For example, you might choose to be covered if the regional yield falls below 80% of the average.

Tracking Yields: Crop cuts are conducted to estimate the actual yields that a farmer will harvest.

Getting Paid: If the average regional yield falls below your chosen coverage level, you receive a payout. This helps you recover even if your farm wasn’t as severely impacted.

The Benefits

Why it's great for farmers.

Protection for Everyone: Offers a safety net when widespread weather events impact the whole community.

Reduced Costs: Avoids individual farm inspections, making it more affordable.

Provides Stability: Helps farmers plan ahead knowing they have some support if a disaster strikes the region.

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