Ms Mwajuma

In early 2015, Ms Mwajuma took out a loan from the One ACRE Fund, a local NGO in Tanzania, and purchased several bags of hybrid maize seed. In partnership with One ACRE Fund, ACRE Africa has designed a credit-linked...

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One of the key questions we encounter in our business is If something happens to my cow, will I really get a payout? Henry Ochula, a farmer from Lukhuna location, Bungoma county had these same questions when he insured...

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I was initially skeptical.

Thirty-six year-old Habyarabatuma Phocas lives with his wife and four children in Kamonyi District, Southern Rwanda. A smallholder farmer by trade, he grows maize on a 2.5-acre plot. Habyarabatuma understands the growing threat of extreme weather all too well,...

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The Insurance Works!


Jacinta on her maize farm When making the decision to purchase crop insurance, one of the topmost questions in a farmer’s mind is “does insurance really work? In the event of a catastrophe, will insurance really pay me?” Read...

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Edward and Pauline Mkopi grow maize and sunflower on 15 acres in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. In the past, the Mkopis would do everything in their power to ensure a bountiful harvest of both maize and sunflower; but...

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