Input Replacement Insurance


The Basics

Don’t let damaged or stolen inputs derail your season. Input Replacement Insurance safeguards your investment in seeds, fertilizers, and other critical supplies, so you can keep your farming plans on track. Input Replacement Insurance protects farmers from financial losses if their essential farm inputs, like seeds, fertilizer, or pesticides, are damaged or destroyed before they can be used.

How it Works:

Covered Inputs: The policy will specify which types of inputs are eligible for coverage.

Eligible Events: You’re covered against specified risks, like fire, theft, or damage during transport.

Getting Reimbursed: If covered inputs are lost before use, you receive compensation to replace them.

The Benefits

Why You Should Consider It.

Safeguards Your Investment: Protects the money you’ve already spent on essential supplies.

Maintains Your Plans: Allows you to purchase replacements quickly and continue with your farming operations, minimizing delays.

Peace of Mind: Reduces stress knowing you’re protected against unexpected losses of vital supplies.

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