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ACRE Africa, the brand name of Agriculture and Climate Risk Enterprise Ltd. (ACRE), links farmers to insurance products so that they can confidently invest in their farms.


Cumulatively, by 2017, over 1,000,000 farmers in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda were insured through products we designed. These products varied from crop, livestock and index insurance products to shield farmers against unpredictable weather conditions.

ACRE Africa is not an insurance company, but rather a service provider working with local insurers and other stakeholders in the agricultural insurance value chain.

The company is registered as an insurance surveyor in Kenya, and an insurance agent in Rwanda and Tanzania.

The for-profit company ACRE Africa evolved from the Kilimo Salama project, established in 2009 and funded by the Syngenta Foundation and the Global Index Insurance Facility (GIIF).

The ACRE Africa team undertakes risk assessment, product development and risk monitoring to facilitate access to crop and livestock insurance products for smallholders.


With tailored agriculture microinsurance products, farmers can confidently invest in quality inputs, increase their productivity and access agricultural loans.


The team has developed insurance products to cover a variety of crops against weather risks like drought, storms, flood and erratic rains, as well as other production risks.