Over the past nine years, ACRE Africa has developed a unique set of skills and insights by designing microinsurance products and distribution channels to benefit stakeholders throughout agricultural value chains. The company is led by Kenyans and other East Africans, with international expertise brought in to support.

ACRE Africa has dedicated staff with a wide range of experience and proven expertise in Reinsurance, Actuarial, Underwriting, Product & Business Development, Country-Specific Knowledge, Agronomy and Agriculture, Insurance Training and Capacity Building, Public and Private Sector Resource Mobilization.

1. Financial Sector Expertise ACRE Africa currently works with ten financial institutions, including SACCOs, banks and microfinance institutions to facilitate access to microinsurance products, insuring USD 5 Million in credit in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.


2. Product and Business Development Successful microinsurance reach depends on the combination of relevant products with effective distribution channels. ACRE Africa has implemented approaches through understanding client risk profiles and developing products that enable affordable risk mitigation and profitable product scaling.


3. Reinsurance and Local Underwriting As an insurance intermediary, ACRE Africa has established relationships with many local insurers in East Africa and international reinsurers. The company works with different local insurance companies in each country and is experienced in interviewing and assessing their capacity to deliver microinsurance products.


4. Actuarial ACRE Africa has an internal actuarial team that builds and prices insurance indexes, requiring extensive academic training coupled with commercial experience. This gives the team the ability to develop products and discuss with local underwriters, reinsurers and insurance distribution partners in detail about product terms, coverage, and


5. Agricultural Crop insurance is only effective if products compensate when farmers experience a loss at the field level. This is where a detailed understanding of crop-specific information is necessary, from water requirements to factors affecting yield to growth stage lengths. The team has both academic and field experience with a wide range of crops, and has access to corporate and international research agronomists.


6. Insurance Trainings All stakeholders require understanding of the technical and practical side of microinsurance products. ACRE Africa has conducted insurance trainings with local underwriters, clients, aggregators, farmers and Ministers of Agriculture.